See what our guests are saying about their workshop experience.

I have been on numerous workshops with Robert and other photographers, and I can honestly say that Robert is the best there is. His knowledge, ability to teach, and desire to help students achieve their best results are apparent every step of the way. You won’t be disappointed.
— Beth R.
Some of my favorite images come from Robert’s workshops. Not only does he know where to go, but his enthusiasm is contagious, and he is tireless in his efforts to show off the Florida he loves.
— Peter S.
I attended a workshop with Robert Chaplin and was immediately impressed with the attention to detail and the great care he took in organizing the workshop. His knowledge of the various locations was superb which enabled us to change locations as the weather changed, and to get the cloud formations lined up with the perfect landscape. His technical knowledge is excellent as well as his artistic views. My photographs from the week were stunning thanks to his guidance and mentoring. I will definitely be back for more workshops.
— Martin van der Sanden - Fine Art Photography
I went with two other photographers to the Everglades National Park with Robert on a scenic, well-organized, three-day trip on which we did a lot, learned a lot, and thoroughly enjoyed each other’s company. Looking forward to going with him again.
— C. Bradely
My Miami Everglades experience was totally awesome. Robert Chaplin led me through a real photographic adventure from Everglades National Park to the Florida Keys and Key West.
With Robert’s expertise, patience and knowledge I was able to learn new techniques in photography. It was an unforgettable trip. Thank you Robert.
— Roy D.
Robert Chaplin is a photographer’s photographer. His technical skills of the art and his knowledge
of the Everglades are unparalleled. My photography has been taken to a new level because of
time spent with Robert. He is a great guide and good teacher.
— Phil C.